Fix the MTA

  • Fix the MTA; fully fund its capital and operational needs.
  • Expand service & reduce delays on subways and buses.
  • Encourage New Yorkers to use public transportation by making it affordable and accessible.
  • Fund a reduced-fare program for low-income residents.
  • Create better options for public transportation when the L-train shuts down in 2018.


Expand and preserve affordable housing

  • Improve public housing by fully funding the capital and operational needs of NYCHA developments.
  • Create a new middle-class affordable housing program.
  • Require all developers to set aside a percentage of all developments for affordable housing.
  • Protect rent-regulated apartments by repealing vacancy deregulation, reform MCI’s, and protect tenants from huge rent increases from preferential rents.
  • End vacancy bonus for landlords.


Invest in public education

  • End admissions policies that segregate students by race and class.
  • Expand early-childhood education placement.
  • Support public education and our teachers by investing in public schools.
  • Promote small class sizes.
  • Stop the school-to-prison pipeline in which Black and Latino students are suspended at a far higher rate than other students.


Affordable healthcare for all new yorkers

  • Create a single-payer healthcare system.
  • Stop hospital closings and ensure New Yorkers have access to affordable medical care; New York has lost 20 hospitals in 18 years.
  • Reform workers’ compensation to require fast and fair resolutions for employees who file claims.
  • Protect a woman’s right to choose her healthcare needs including abortion.


Expand prosperity with job creation wage growth

  • Pass a comprehensive sweat bill to protect all low-wage workers.
  • Protect small businesses and their employees by creating a commercial rent regulatory system.
  • Fight any negative impacts to labor unions from the Supreme Court decision on Janus case.


Advocate for social justice reforms

  • Attack the roots of racism in our country; race impacts all aspects of people’s lives.
  • Reform our criminal justice system, which incarcerates Black and Latino New Yorkers at a far higher rate than Whites even though they are statistically not more likely to engage in any illegal behavior.
  • Attack the roots of racism in our country; race impacts all aspects of people’s lives.
  • Modify laws and the bail and bail bond systems that prejudice low income people of color.


Establish a civil right to counsel

  • Provide sufficient funding for civil legal services to ensure that the most vulnerable New Yorkers have access to counsel; 80% of low-income and working-poor New Yorkers’ civil legal services needs go unmet every year.
  • Follow New York City and its access to attorneys in housing court for all low-income New York City residents.


Expand voting access transparency in government

  • Proactively educate New Yorkers on basic civic engagement, support community organizing and neighborhood preservation.
  • Expand early voting for New Yorkers.
  • Allow for open primaries for all special elections.
  • Create a matching fund program in New York State for all state elections.


Better balance between nightlife neighborhood concerns

  • Limit nightlife activities in saturated neighborhoods like Lower Manhattan, to better balance commercial activity and residential living.


Fight climate change on the state level

  • Make New York a leader in the environmental movement.
  • Create a statewide composting program.
  • Develop a tax credit to incentivize new forms of green technology.
  • Work with other cities around the country to advance environmental conservation.


Fair share tax reform

  • Create a fair tax code that taxes wealthy New Yorkers commensurate with their income.
  • Institute a tax on luxury items, such as personal yachts and airplanes.
  • Ensure homeowners are protected from huge real estate tax increases in any single year.