Advocates rally to denounce efforts to rollback NY’s bail reform laws

After only a month, supporters of the bail reform law rallied at City Hall to accuse the mayor and the police commissioner of using fear mongering tactics to change back to the way it was.

The NYPD Commissioner Shea wrote an op-ed last week, calling for a rollback of bail reform and on Tuesday, U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr unsealed federal charges against Tiffany Harris in support of the effort to rollback New York’s new bail reform law.

But according to the Jewish woman who claims Harris assaulted her, Harris needs help, not bail.

Supporters of the bail reform however, insist that bail is part of a racist system.

Hazel Dukes of the NAACP says they won’t go back to the old method. “Not one word in the bail reform that was written and passed-we won’t change one word!”

Community leaders urged state elected officials put forth real solutions to mental health needs and supportive housing, not money bail or pretrial jailing.

Assemblyman Harvey Epstein believes that bail reform is working properly. “We’ve seen thousands of New Yorkers not held in jail, for non violet offenses–the exact goal that we wanted!”

Mayor de Blasio, despite continuing to call himself a “progressive,” praised Attorney General Barr, condoning the Trump administration’s political weaponization of racialized fear and efforts to divide our communities.

The reform, which went into effect Jan. 1, aims to address a racist system of bail that left hundreds of thousands in jail over the years, disproportionately Black & Latinx and low-income people.